Sunday, April 5, 2020

Art Ideas

Wanting some simple art ideas for home? Don't have many art resources on hand? Then perhaps try one of these ideas which you can do with very little equipment.

1) Shadow Art

Use toys or people and draw round shadow shapes.  You can move your creatures along or see what happens throughout the day as the sun moves. Try doing it with chalk on the pavement too.

2) Colouring In

Draw your own pictures or get someone else to straw them and you colour in. Mindfulness colouring books are also great for relaxing and wellbeing. If you don't have your own books or pages her is a downloadable colouring in book from a decal store in NZ (if you have a printer at home)

3) Paper Weaving 

Weaving paper is lots of fun.  You can use magazines for this, old books or paper of any kind.  Even try using brown paper bags from the supermarket.  Fabric or ribbon works well.

4) Nature Weaving

Have you ever tried weaving outside?   You can use flax, leaves, twigs or what ever you have around your local environment.  You can make a weaving loom from branches and away you go. O if you have a fence with gaps, weave in and out it that (check with your parents first). Another great way to weave is with a large piece of chicken wire if there is any in your garage.

5) Painted Rocks.  

Go for a hunt in the garden or down by the stream and find some great rocks to paint.  If you don't have paint at home use one of these recipes. Make paint
You can use vivids or felt pens to go over the top to write things on them.  Paint test pots are good too if you have them.

6 ) Environmental Art

You don't have to have art equipment at home to do this activity.  Head outside and gather up stones, sticks, leaves of different colours and make your own artworks.  You can take a photograph to show and remember your work, then you can return it back to nature.  Get outside and get inspired!

7) Explore Tate Gallery for Kids

This link is super cool.  Explore Tate galleries and try some of the art ideas. Look at artworks, take a quiz or just browse the gallery. something for every age and artist here.

Post any cool art work you do on your learning at home page.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Chalk Art

Chalk can be lots of fun for art.
You don't even have to have it at home as you can make your own.

Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Ingredients
1 Cup four
1 cup water
1 tablespoon dish soap - just about any dish soap will work
5-10 drops food colouring or washable paint

How to make Sidewalk chalk Paint
In a large mixing bowl stir together the flour and water until there are no lumps.
Stir int eh dish soap to the flour mixture
Add food colouring of your choice,  until the desired colour is achieved.
Pour the mixture into your squeeze bott.e.
Give the kids their new sidewalk paint and let them have fun.
Use the paint on the same day you make it, this recipe doesn't save well... it will explode if you leave it closed.
If you are making multiple colours, make each colour in a different bowl or one data time and pour into the bottles and then make the next colour.
Chalky Ideas

1) Decorate your driveway or footpath outside your house pictures and patterns.
2) Draw hopscotch and find a stone and play at home.
3) Practice writing your letters and numbers in chalk. 
4) Draw some of the insects and bugs you find around the garden or draws a garden for yourself.
5) Draw a giant checker board and find some stones as the checkers.  Play a game with your family.
6) Create a sensory path to follow and have others do it too.  You can walk, jump hop along  it. 
If you have more ideas add them to the comments. Have fun!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dance Party

Kids love to dance and it also doubles as a way to move and get active.

Plan a dance party at home.

You could keep it simple and just dance around the living room or you could go a little further with the planning.
You might not do all of these steps, instead just choose ones of interest

1. Think of a theme - this will be based on the style or era of music and may influence dress or decorations
2. Create an invitation - stay true to your theme
3. Invite a friend and face time them to your party
4. Make some decorations
5. Consider if you will have food? If so, what food or drink fits with the theme of your music?
6. Research your theme and create a playlist

  • Who were the popular artists in this era/ theme?
  • Where did this music originate?
  • Were there any significant dances that you can learn?
  • Was there any fashion that was typical of the time or theme - can you recreate this at home? 
7. Enjoy your dance party!
8. Take some photos or record some video and post it to your learning at home page on Linc-Ed/Hero.

Here are some YouTube Clips to inspire you:

It is completely up to you. This idea might take you in a different direction that a dance party - you might create a dance video instead.

Can't wait to see you dance!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

We Love Books!

At Ararira Springs we love to read and know how important it is to do every day.

You can see all the books we have in our library at school, and while you can't get them out at the
moment, you can read reviews and see what is new to the library.

Ararira Library

If you have a book you would like to write a review for we would love to have it.
You can write a review for a book and we can put it on our library page.
Email your review to

If you love to listen to books here are some great sites to listen to stories.

read aloud

The google doc links you to many sites for stories to listen to.

story books

David Walliams has books to listen to every day at 11am..... come join in

David Walliams stories

Monday, March 30, 2020

Become a Photographer

Everyone loves a great photograph and taking pictures for memories.

If you are wanting something different to do then why not try a bit of photography.

You can take great photos with a phone, camera or ipad and there are many tips to help you get the perfect shot.

All of these photos have been taken by children at school. Can you work out where they were taken?

Take a lesson on snapping some good shots!

The Rule of Thirds

Creative Portraits


Close up Photographs

You could try to do some of these great activities once you have had some practice.
  • Take a photograph of anything and write a story about it. It could be of bears that you see in windows or some plants in the garden. It might be a journal of your time at home.
  • Have someone create a list of things to find in the house or in the yard. Go and photograph them and be creative.  Perhaps just take a photograph of part of the object and try to get people to guess what it is.
  • Photograph something that starts with each letter of the alphabet
  • Create a blog to keep your pictures on.  You can make it private for only family to view if you choose. You can post their images, add captions, and record what you are learning.
Create a blog

You can add your work to your Learning at Home page on Linc Ed to show your great shots.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Invisible Ice Science Trick to Fool the Family

I'm not sure why you might need invisible ice but here are the instructions to make it.

It might be a good trick if you are wanting to fool someone and it is April Fools Day on Wednesday.

Follow the instructions in the video and let us know how you get on in the comments.

Can you write the instructions for a friend?
Why might you need invisible ice?

30 Day Physical Challenge

Thanks to the Selwyn Sports Trust for this resource.

There is a physical challenge to complete each day for 30 days, it doesn't really matter when or where you start.

You don't even need to complete them in order.

Can you think of any other challenges for others to try? If so, add them in the comments.

Art Ideas

Wanting some simple art ideas for home? Don't have many art resources on hand? Then perhaps try one of these ideas which you can do wit...